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My new and proper website is up!

21 Dec

So I finally managed to make myself a proper website for Darhling Photography. I still want to do more with it, such as automatic blog display on the front page, galleries with music playing (some Andrews Sisters for the Chap gallery etc) but all in due time!

The new website is!



RAF Chaps

14 Dec

I had the glorious opportunity to shoot some very dashing young chaps in their RAF uniforms. They are part of the re-enactment scene and really looks spot on!

Have a look under The Chaps and see the pics!

RAF style engagement

12 Dec

Annie and Dicky had a RAF style mind for their engagement pictures, so with that in mind, we kept it very prim and proper – after all, Dicky only had 24 hours leave before going back to base and flying his Spitfire, to protect the nation and his Annie.

See more pictures under the Wedding & Engagements.

Shooting a RAF style engagement

10 Dec

Getting ready to shoot a beautiful couple in Victoria Park. It is going to be an RAF shoot and while waiting for the couple, 4 dashing young chaps in full RAF uniforms walked in the café! I wonder if they are part of the shoot?!

On another note, I’m so pleased with my Dead Men Spex glasses that turn dark in the sun, perfect for bright winter days.


Norwich at dusk

5 Dec


A little snapshot of the St. Peter Mancroft church in Norwich. This beautiful church is a favourite for couples getting married and it is just as lovely in the day as it is as night.

Any couples getting married and need a photographer to capture your special day with elegance, glamour and old Hollywood style, just go to ‘About Darhling’ and send me an email or give me a call.

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