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Flying Legends at Duxford

11 Jul

I was very lucky to attend the Flying Legends Airshow at Duxford a few weeks back, here are some snippets of what went on.

There were a lot of Spitfires, Tiger Moths, a Hurricane and of course, Sally B, the flying fortress!

I ran into OPS 39-45, who is a RAF re-enactment group and they insisted that I tried on a Irvin jacket and a Mae West, one of them even scooped me up!

There is another airshow in September, which I will be attendting, maybe even as a guest of the re-enactment group, since I have for a long time considered joining some sort of re-enactment. I will have do get a hold of a boiler suit and flex my best ‘Yes we can’ arm!

More pictures will be up on Darhling Photography very soon!

Until then.


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