Flying Legends at Duxford

11 Jul

I was very lucky to attend the Flying Legends Airshow at Duxford a few weeks back, here are some snippets of what went on.

There were a lot of Spitfires, Tiger Moths, a Hurricane and of course, Sally B, the flying fortress!

I ran into OPS 39-45, who is a RAF re-enactment group and they insisted that I tried on a Irvin jacket and a Mae West, one of them even scooped me up!

There is another airshow in September, which I will be attendting, maybe even as a guest of the re-enactment group, since I have for a long time considered joining some sort of re-enactment. I will have do get a hold of a boiler suit and flex my best ‘Yes we can’ arm!

More pictures will be up on Darhling Photography very soon!

Until then.



One Response to “Flying Legends at Duxford”

  1. Harry & Edna July 12, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    1st rate, Toodle Pip from
    Harry & Edna

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